Remote Procedures

Whether you are operating the sample mounting robot manually and collecting data ineteractively or using the beamline for fully automatic unattended screening you will access the Blu-Ice control software from a linux desktop using a NoMachine NX client.

Connect to beamline using NoMachine NX

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of NoMachine’s NX Client

  2. Configure your connection profile thusly: Set Name to something you will recognize (BL831 in this example), and set the Host to Port to 4000, and Protocol to NX. Image of NX Connection Profile 1

  3. Check the Use password authentication option. The rest of the setting can probably be left as-is. Image of NX Connection Profile 2

  4. Request a login.

  5. Connect to the gateway using NX, and create a new session (for first time you connect) or select existing session if one already exists.

  6. Open a terminal window and launch Blu-Ice by typing go.

  7. I’m sure there are more details we could add, but hopefully it’s fairly self explanatory. Just contact us if you have any problems getting connected or configuring a remote desktop session.

Load sample list using crystal-server webapp

If you will use the screening or unattended data collection features of Blu-Ice you will be required to upload a list of your crystals as an Excel spreadsheet. You can download a template Excel file, fill out the details, and then uplaod your filled out spreadsheets to the Crystal Server.

Again, it should be self explanatory. Please contact us us if you run into problems.